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Watching: Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl

Reading: probably Oscar Wilde or George Orwell

Listening: M.I.A. and One Direction

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one way or another;
Ermida, 15, Germany
I blog about shows and movies

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"Fear makes companions of all of us."

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one of five actresses : Katie Mcgrath

'I had this vague notion that one day I might be editor of 'Vogue China.' It was a bizarre ambition, as I didn't speak a word of Chinese. There were flaws in my plan, admittedly.'

URL graphic: daydreamcastiel

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You’re screwed up and brilliant; look like a million dollar man.

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favorite relationship
"Me and Louis are Captain Zappers, the other boys - they’re a part of club Zap but they’re not Captains."

But every time I tell her that I want more, she closes the door

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Nicki Minaj for Dazed

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The mask makes vice seem beautiful, turns squalor and nastiness into glamorous thrill, seduces the onlooker into the game – and leaves him or her with the corpse on his hands.