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The Virgin

“It’s definitely a shock to go from being 15 in high school to working. There’s no real cushion there. There’s no preparation at all. You learn by doing.”

Are all people like this?                                                                        Like what?
So much bigger on the inside.

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we are your means to an end

part of the consulting crime series

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Ah! that day of tears and mourning! 
From the dust of earth returning, 
Man for judgement must prepare him: 

Spare, O God, in mercy spare him! 
Lord, all pitying, Jesu blest, 
Grant them eternal rest.

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 And this is why i love her.

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just a general PSA-
If anyone I follow reblogs any of the nudes/personal photographs of Jen or any of the other celebrities on the list that are probably going to come to light soon, I will automatically unfollow. I would hate to support the sharing of private images without the owner’s consent, and I hope anyone I follow would too.


Calum Hood’s nudes get leaked, but it’s okay because he makes a joke out of it. It’s okay because he’s just a teenager. It’s okay because he’s still growing up.
But when Fifth Harmony show a little bit of skin in a music video about girl power and confidence, they’re sluts.
When Ariana Grande performs on stage with fun dance routines wearing a crop top and skirt, she’s a whore.
Now Victoria Justice and Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes are leaked and they’re being called names while people are saying their careers are over.
Because they’re females.
I’m so annoyed by the amount of sexism that still exists.

god I feel so bad for jennifer lawrence and kim k and every other woman whose naked pics and sex tapes were leaked like people are invading their privacy but they are the ones who are expected to apologize


Best wishes to Lara Pulver today on her 34th birthday! (September 1, 1980)

for vulkhan

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